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Owned and operated by Cy Turnbladh and Karon Ohm, husband and wife, Hands On Studios, Inc. invites the general public to play while creating their own art with ceramics, pottery, mosaics, painting and metal sculpture, fused glass and jewelry. Cy and Karon believe that art and craft should be accessible to everyone and a fun process. Approximately 20,000 people a year play at Hands On and discover their own inner artist. 

What was once an abandoned farm is now home for Cy, Karon, their studios, business and a variety of animals including horses, chickens, llama, pot belly pig, cats and their dog Wilson. 

Cy has been creating and selling art since 1970; starting as a studio potter, gallery owner, and then creator of Hands On Art Studio. 

Karon met Cy as a customer at his studio in 2003. Seven years later the two were married. They have four children whose ages range from 30 years – 22 years. Karon has been involved in art and family businesses since 1970, and graduated from UW- Madison with a degree in Consumer Science. 

The two of them decided to create Hands On Art Glass in 2010. A local gallery owner asked Cy and Karon for some small glass strips for use in vases and potted plants. From these small, fused glass sculptural pieces the Hands On Art Glass "totems" were introduced. Cy and Karon both enjoy the creative process and wanted to sell fused glass sculptures and wall art with good price points so that other people can enjoy them too! 


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” 

Albert Einstein 
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